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Quick little (long-overdue) Feb. update…

*wave* Hello… Didn’t expect me to post again, since my last one was on December, huh?

Well, quite a few things have gone on since then, and for the occasional wanderer that had previously visited this blog, I felt it appropriate to give a little update on what’s going on with my Gunpla hobby and why the lack of updates… View full article »

Gundam Extreme Vs. Obtained!

(Hey, Z already used “[Fill-in-the-Blank] Get!” when he got GEV, and I already blabbered about it before.  I know, I know, it’s still boring to be different in this way. :P )

Another reason why I’m not doing much in Gunpla reviewing right now had just arrived in the mail today:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I certainly will in short order!  This may also lead into something I mused about also doing with the blog; making posts related to games I’ve been playing.  This would work well with my two PS3 games (this and Tekken 6) since (at least for T6) I can take screenshots and transfer ’em over, where I might just take my camera and simply snap crappy photos of my TV displaying what’s going on with some others I’m occasionally playing. *shrug*

In any case if Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS was of any indication, I have a good feeling I’ll enjoy Gundam Extreme Vs.  It’s the main reason why I got a PS3, after all.

Despite the lack of blog updates, I have been building Gunpla:

So far, I have built one other Gunpla outside of the 1/144-scaled Turn X, and will still build others on occasion.  I have also bought a new 1/144-scaled HG model (I’ll leave you to guess what it might be).

Recently, however, I haven’t been felt so motivated to actually take the time to review each of these built models, or even my new RD Wing figure (which got into an accident I likely forgot about, but despite minor damage, is still completely intact). I will eventually get to reviewing them, however, and have managed to snap some photos of the runners before building ’em (and a few others).

I don’t know for sure when I’ll feel the motivation to review them this month or next, though.  I’ve been occupied recently by a game or two and a couple of other things, anyway.  But don’t worry; I haven’t given up my hobby, let alone maintaining this blog and posting reviews.

One of the upsides of moving around and boxing/unboxing things is rediscovering items from your own past. I’ve recently discovered plenty of items from my previous attempt into Gunpla from eleven years ago:

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I’ve just converted the two Gunpla reviews from my DeviantArt account to this blog, so my complete collection of full reviews are now located on a single blog, and in whole pages rather than segmented parts.  Finally!

You can view my reviews in the “Gunpla Reviews” list available up top (or by clicking here).  Or you can click on the individual links to the reviews below: