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Let me ask you something…

I have a question for the one or two of you reading this… Do you happen to know of–let alone actually know–someone with a Gunpla hobby who happens to look even remotely like this?



Yeah, I thought you haven’t. :P

Too bad we don’t live in the manga/anime world, where it’s a requirement for at least 80-85% of people to at least look pretty good (if not better), and for just about all the (main and supporting) characters to look beautiful. :)


From “Gunpla Builders D”.  Again, the source coming from the ever-reliable Gundam Guy. (For his blog entry on GPB-D, click here.)


Action Base 1 Stand review

No, it’s not the GFF Wing Gundam figure being reviewed here.  If you’re curious about this display stand, then click here to read my two cents on it.

I do plan on reviewing a figure soon, but I thought I’d get this over with.  I originally thought about finishing this before my FLAT review, since I took this out of the the order of my Gunpla backlog in order to use it.

NG 1/144 FLAT Review

It’s a miracle…like Flash Gordon!  Amazing how I pulled off a second full review in a single year, third overall, and my first in blog format!  But don’t get a heart attack over it.  Just click here to read the review and/or look at the pretty pictures.

I have *got* to get this…

Wow… Never have I thought the Robot Damashii lineup would even bother with one of Katoki’s “Early Type” Gundams from Wing.  But it’s really happening.  This is the “Robot Damashii [Side MS] Wing Gundam EW”.  Katoki’s Wing Gundam design will finally get a second figure*, and this time it’s really gonna rock…

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I decided to read the comments on Gundam Guy‘s entry on the news (which I commented on here before reading said comments), which probably have already gone up to fifty by now (with a quarter of which being one or two anonymous people posing as several).  Big mistake; there may be a few good commentators, but a lot of popular websites and blogs naturally attend trolls, and an announcement as big as this attracting an unusual amount of comments for an entry on GG’s blog would naturally (and unfortunately) go that route.

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