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(If the background text above the fold doesn’t imply it to you, a warning that this sentence may be even more unbroken than some of my previous ones.  Hard to believe, huh?  And yes, I’ll soon get back to that Gundam figure review that I keep mentioning and hinting at without outright revealing which MSiA it is.)

Well, since a favorite blog of mine is pretty much won’t be covering recent Gunpla-related news anytime soon (and I know it isn’t your fault, Z; real life gives higher priorities routinely, and I’m patient), and that my blog seems to enter into Idle mode (which is actually my fault), I decided to cover some with my own two cents for today, before getting back to that apparently-forever-taking-for-no-reason-Gundam-related-figure-review.  This one will be my general covering of the news, mostly what catches my eye and then a few things afterward.  Given that it’s my primary (and–I guess–only) news sorce on Gunpla, pretty much all of the news will be coming from Gundam Guy’s blog (I’ll link to the originating posts of each bit of news).

Most of the interesting stuff will be below the fold, including a certain recent update of a certain MG due out in the same month a certain figure (above the fold here) will be released. (Now if you want to listen to what I’m listening to whilst typing a good chunk of this, find and play “Strange Sunset” from Street Fighter EX3.)

Anyway, let’s start with images and my two cents coverage before the above fold is completely flooded with my apparently-endless background text. *sigh* And chronological order (of news) be damned, I’m starting with my interests first…

Oh, how I still want to get this… SSBB can wait; I’ll sooner save up for this Robot Damashii figure.  But it seems near-impossible to do so… At first glance, apparently.  Z and OZKai, thanks for the links (that bring me some sense of hope) when you two left comments in my previous rambling entry on this.

(Source: GG’s RD Wing entry)

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(Wait… It’s the 23rd of July… And I’ve yet to post this month?  Let alone finally get back to and finish that figure review that I want to get out of the way soon? *sigh* Well, let’s rectify at least one of the two right now.)

The subject is pretty self-explanatory; click here to view Gundam Info’s YT channel.

Aside from promotions of Gunpla and dubbed Gundam anime (I saw GW is apparently available there in English–I guess I’ll be missing Midorikawa’s voice–and GPB in another language… I noticed a lot of their info videos of mobile suits/armor from the various Gundam anime are posted on the channel.  They’re actually quite nice to look at, even if you’ve seen the episodes they come from.

A combination of info (in Japanese) and visual appearances of the specific MS in action in around 1 min. 23 sec. each video.  I’ve been looking at a lot of ’em and they’re pretty good in summarizing the MSs in the way I described them doing.  I also realized I’ve passed a few thumbnails of these in Google Searches over the past few years, though they seem to be starting on importing these info videos to YT…

I’ve been recently looking at their videos on MSs from TAG, MSG, ZZ, 08th, GW/EW, etc. Depending on what you’re doing, I guess these videos I’m mentioning here can serve as a useful reference.