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A Preview for the Next Review…

To be honest, I usually don’t post WIP pictures; usually (and this is true with 1/144s) I take the runner pictures, then I build them and detail them before taking any more pictures.  This is just something mainly for brightening up spirits a little bit.  So here’s a little preview of what you’re going to be seeing in the next review… Hopefully sooner than later, of course.  Enjoy!


I’m sure most of you have read the Gunpla news by now, let alone a couple of other people’s own commentary to each particular one by now, or at least one by a certain person who just came back to Gunpla blogging, to everyone’s delight (especially mine).  Well, I haven’t done that yet (for the most part), since I want to type my own up first.  How’s mine different beyond opinion and taste?  Probably babbling on, and I guess that’s the only difference.  But if you’re interested, let’s take a dive into recent news that interests me.


Once again, all the news and related images I get are from Gundam Guy’s blog.  I’ll link to each individual source after my two cents.  Rather than starting with my personal best for first since it’s not technically Gunpla-related, I’ll start with something pretty close:

When I initially saw the first scan of MG Sandrock both in color and with the latest addition of having heated blades as additional accessories, I couldn’t help but grin quite big.  It’s further convincing me that my future MGs-to-get should start among from this new Endless Waltz: GotD series of MGs.
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MSiA (US) Leo review

This should’ve been already out around early-July… But better late than never.

You can read the review by clicking here.

I’ll get to my upcoming Gunpla review (that I hinted at in my last post, and Z came close on guessing right on by correctly identifying the character) fairly soon; I still have a little more building and detailing to do before I even set up for photo-taking again, let alone making the text for it.  But I have a new game (and another hopefully on the way and in good condition) to try… And I figure a couple of non-review posts on recent Gunpla news would be more worthwhile, since there’s been an explosion of good news (in my view) worth covering.

But for now, enjoy the Leo review.

Upcoming Reviews!

…Wait, what?  There’s gonna be new reviews for a blog that became a ghost town about a month after it’s inception?  To be fair, it always was, but wow… It’s a miracle that I’m even posting something here!  Long overdue for a hobby I like, but at least I’m getting it going again.  Hopefully I’ll do much more before the year’s out, but for now, here’s a little teaser for the next review:

Yeah, I know, some of you might not think the MSIA Leo isn’t that great a figure, but please just bear with me for now and wait for the review to come out.  I’ll make sure it’ll come out soon enough from now.

I also have a Gunpla review that (hopefully) will soon follow this figure’s review…

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