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Playstation 3 Obtained!

(Maybe I should’ve used “[Fill in the Blank] Get!”, because we all know that phrase for a blog entry title is so much cooler online than “[Fill in the Blank] obtained!” or “I finally got [Fill in the Blank]!”, right? :P Well, I never was against it and still am not, but I wanted to be different. *shrug*)

Trowa in Heavyarms Kai is about to open up and fire countless flares in the sky towards Z‘s general area in the Gunpla blog community, since I think I’ve already beat him to getting one. (Though that isn’t much to brag on, and I’m not; I’m just justifying the presence of MSiA Heavyarms Kai/Custom.) *shrug* Whoever is piloting the Leo seems to be there for target practice.  Harry Ord in his SUMO (Gold Type) is there to be awesome whilst awaiting the release of Gundam Extreme Vs.; the main reason why I got this PS3.  Otherwise, I’d be sticking with Nintendo.  After playing Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS to my heart’s content with my newer PSP, it’s essentially been reduced to being my portable music player.

Sochie in her Kapool is her natural, cute, semi-tsundere self, angry (and a bit depressed) about being reduced to an assist for Loran’s Turn A Gundam in GEV (I think she’s also a selectable “operator” or something), so she’s advocating for a (hopeless) Nintendo release (which I’d support regardless).  Loran and Gavane (in his Borjarnon) are there to support her and get her to relax, but Gavane’s peeking at the console thinking about how awesome Gundam Extreme Vs. will be.  Heero doesn’t care and is just strolling by in his Katoki-designed (GFF) Wing Gundam, “W Concierge”-style.

I’ve also got a game for my PS3 already…

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Yes, yes, yes, I’m working on the review.  I got some pictures below the fold to show off regarding that.  I know I’m being a bit slow on it (thus my usage of the “s” Z usually uses in “Work in [Slow] Progress”), but I haven’t given up on modeling and reviewing (if the miracle surprise of that MSiA Leo review is of any indication). I’m sure you guys will like it when I’m done with the photos, text, editing, and endless touch-ups (since I used markers instead of paint).  I’m about half-way done with reviewing Harry Ord‘s awesome SUMO (Gold Type).  After it’s done, I’ll get to reviewing some more TAG episodes, chat a bit about Gunpla, and will finally get to my next Gunpla project of sorts…

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Siroh’s Gundam Chat | Sept. 14 Edition

Not a Gunpla Chat, but a Gundam Chat.  No extra N, though; I’m not a podcast.  Despite that, a little update on my newest project is below the fold.  But let’s cover the primary (and only) news I feel worth mentioning:

TAG finally has a U.S. release trailer… In one of the discs of an MSG DVD collection.  It went up on YouTube, though.  The source is (naturally) from Gundam Guy  (click here for his blog entry on it)…

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I figured I’d insert a few more coins for these kind of posts before I really get back into photographing Gunpla.  Again, I’m workin’ on ’em.  The four cents worth of two reviews you can find below the fold.

(Yeah, I know that’s a pretty lame play on “two cents” that I didn’t bother using on the blog entry title, but since I’ve used “two cents” often before… *shrug*)

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My Two Cents: Turn A Gundam (Episode 1)

(Before I start this entry, let me update people wondering about my newest 1/144 Gunpla project.  Absent a few minor details that I’ll fill out, the model is pretty much finished.  I’ll get into planning the review for it soon.  When I hinted to an upcoming review last entry and showed you the runners, this wasn’t it.)

I’m currently re-watching Turn A Gundam from the beginning, half-thinking about starting on a third casual run of the anime.  After seeing the newer version of the first of the three MSG movies that have been recently posted on Gundam Info’s YT Channel (my entry on the channel), for some reasons, I thought I’d watch each and every episode of TAG yet again.  When I had first discovered and started watching it, looking at it’s animation, the ambiance of the sounds and entire world, the aesthetic uniqueness of a setting itself, the characters… It did become an instant favorite of mine.  One of the reasons that compelled me to watch this all over again was the audio aspect; watching the first of the MSG compilation movies with updated sound reminiscent of TAG, well, reminded me of it.  So why not?

I will be covering the first episode in this entry.  It’ll be quite heavy in text.

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