(Maybe I should’ve used “[Fill in the Blank] Get!”, because we all know that phrase for a blog entry title is so much cooler online than “[Fill in the Blank] obtained!” or “I finally got [Fill in the Blank]!”, right? :P Well, I never was against it and still am not, but I wanted to be different. *shrug*)

Trowa in Heavyarms Kai is about to open up and fire countless flares in the sky towards Z‘s general area in the Gunpla blog community, since I think I’ve already beat him to getting one. (Though that isn’t much to brag on, and I’m not; I’m just justifying the presence of MSiA Heavyarms Kai/Custom.) *shrug* Whoever is piloting the Leo seems to be there for target practice.  Harry Ord in his SUMO (Gold Type) is there to be awesome whilst awaiting the release of Gundam Extreme Vs.; the main reason why I got this PS3.  Otherwise, I’d be sticking with Nintendo.  After playing Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS to my heart’s content with my newer PSP, it’s essentially been reduced to being my portable music player.

Sochie in her Kapool is her natural, cute, semi-tsundere self, angry (and a bit depressed) about being reduced to an assist for Loran’s Turn A Gundam in GEV (I think she’s also a selectable “operator” or something), so she’s advocating for a (hopeless) Nintendo release (which I’d support regardless).  Loran and Gavane (in his Borjarnon) are there to support her and get her to relax, but Gavane’s peeking at the console thinking about how awesome Gundam Extreme Vs. will be.  Heero doesn’t care and is just strolling by in his Katoki-designed (GFF) Wing Gundam, “W Concierge”-style.

I’ve also got a game for my PS3 already…

…I recently discovered the arcade version of this game over a month ago and I like it a lot.  Too bad I’m not interested in anyone on the cover of the console version:

So, do the few of you out there reading this like this game, or at least this style of fighting games?  I know at least one person I know of and read (You know who!) is generally a fan of 2D Capcom fighters.

Any of you care to guess on who my (current) favorite couple of characters in this game are? :)