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I’ve just converted the two Gunpla reviews from my DeviantArt account to this blog, so my complete collection of full reviews are now located on a single blog, and in whole pages rather than segmented parts.  Finally!

You can view my reviews in the “Gunpla Reviews” list available up top (or by clicking here).  Or you can click on the individual links to the reviews below:


My time on lamenting about it is finally over!

Although I chose the former person’s option to obtain this Tamashii Web Shop Limited figure, I’d like to thank both OZKai and Z for giving me options on obtaining this figure that I truly wanted.   Thank you both for that.

The couple of you reading this should most definitely expect an eventual review of this figure.  Not now, though; I still have yet to open up the figure out of the box and just started this entry not long after taking photos of the packaging.

But unlike my TWSL RD Turn A Gundam (Moonlight Butterfly ver.), I will with this.  And from the promos alone, I’ll very much likely enjoy it.  If I can enjoy a GFF Wing Gundam (Early Type) figure, I can enjoy a RD version with superior articulation.

Again, thank you OZKai for the suggestion, and thank you Z for the additional option, and especially for getting me going on my Gunpla hobby in recent years.  I’m glad you’re doing better.

Siroh’s Gunpla Backlog! (Nov. 7)

So… Which model do I work on next?  I don’t know just yet (more on that in a bit), but I thought I’d show the couple of you reading this my backlog after finishing the 1/144 SUMO dual review.  Here it is:


First and foremost, the two 1/144 SUMO boxes are unbuilt SUMO backup models I bought when I feared I screwed up big time on spray-painting parts of the very 1/144 SUMO you see on the bottom-left here. So many GW 1/144s and TAG models… All obtained for various reasons, but nevertheless, I hope to even it out from other series in the future.  And that hardly-readable see-through ruler was there for the sake of being there, like my GFF Wing and 1/144 SUMO.


Anyway… I’m curious as to what any of you think on what I should review next.  Not that my final decision would be based on voting by numbers or something… But I’m open to be a little influenced by such two cents from you guys.  I especially am interested in Z’s two cents here.

But keep in mind: The 1/144 SUMOs are backups and I’ve already reviewed ’em, and I want to build the MG Deathscythe when Z starts his.  This just narrows things down to eleven suggestions, though, so there’s plenty to choose from.

It’s finally up… Now stop pestering me about it and get Tekken 6, Z. :P It’s listed under “Gunpla Reviews” up top, but you can just click here to get to it.  Enjoy the review!

1/144 SUMO Review WI[s]P (Nov. 2)

Proof that I’m working on it!

If my last WI[s]P post didn’t clue you in to my true intentions for the 1/144 SUMO review, this should.  I was going to reveal it when it was finished, but as you all know, for a variety of reasons (primarily one obvious one), it isn’t done after quite a long time of cluing some people on this.  MSiA Leo WI[s]P, eat your heart out! :P

I think I need to snap a few extra photos and type a few extra words, but the basics are there.  Hopefully soon, all of it will be there and uploaded.