So… Which model do I work on next?  I don’t know just yet (more on that in a bit), but I thought I’d show the couple of you reading this my backlog after finishing the 1/144 SUMO dual review.  Here it is:


First and foremost, the two 1/144 SUMO boxes are unbuilt SUMO backup models I bought when I feared I screwed up big time on spray-painting parts of the very 1/144 SUMO you see on the bottom-left here. So many GW 1/144s and TAG models… All obtained for various reasons, but nevertheless, I hope to even it out from other series in the future.  And that hardly-readable see-through ruler was there for the sake of being there, like my GFF Wing and 1/144 SUMO.


Anyway… I’m curious as to what any of you think on what I should review next.  Not that my final decision would be based on voting by numbers or something… But I’m open to be a little influenced by such two cents from you guys.  I especially am interested in Z’s two cents here.

But keep in mind: The 1/144 SUMOs are backups and I’ve already reviewed ’em, and I want to build the MG Deathscythe when Z starts his.  This just narrows things down to eleven suggestions, though, so there’s plenty to choose from.