*wave* Hello. And welcome to what’s essentially the slightly-updated version of my very first post of this blog!

First and foremost, you can thank Z from the “Gunpla Inochi” blog for the creation of this blog.  I don’t remember if he was one of the couple of people who poked at me to make a blog, given my absurdly-long comments from each and every entry I found interesting enough to add my two cents in.

At first, I thought this will be more like a website (rather than a traditional blog) on my reviews of models and figures (mainly of the Gundam franchise) that I have built and handled with some occasional two cents on related subjects/news or otherwise… I’ve found I’m making more posts akin to a blog, though, so I’m apparently keeping it as one in spirit as well.  Still, I’ll disappoint those who’ve recommended I get a blog in the first place by commenting with essay-length comments on someone else’s (like Z’s) anyway. (I understand many people like things to be to-the-point, but a lot of times it’s as if I’m mostly incapable of that.)

Usually, the “Gunpla” (a term for models of the Gundam franchise) I may present in posts and reviews aren’t usually what interests a lot of people today, since a lot of what I have built (or yet to have built) come from the 1990s, where models of no particular “grade” existed prominently with basic articulation and the most basic of color-accuracy.  Around that time, models with grades (such as the Master Grade series) were finding their footing.  I’ve heard many complaints about these non-grade models (especially ones of 1/144th scale), but I’ve decided to get them anyway, and more.  I do have other figures and models of different scales and quality I’ve yet to get to, and I’ll give you my view on them… Eventually.

While I’ve been posting as if otherwise seems to be the case, a part of me wants to inform you not to expect some regular entry-a-day deal, or even an entry-a-week one.  When it comes to model reviews, this is especially the case, and that was essentially why I felt comfortable with just having a DeviantArt account of my own for some time.  I’m pretty sure some of you have blogs or accounts at some popular websites that are sporadically updated, so if I don’t post something for a while, I hope you’ll give me some leeway on that.

If you can do that, and if you’ve somehow enjoyed my attempts at in-depth Gunpla reviews under the limits of DeviantArt, or essay-length blog comments (with excessive parenthesis digressions), then maybe you might like what I’ll do here for reviews and thoughts… Whenever I get around to them, of course. *shrug*