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Siroh’s Gunpla Update | Dec. 8th

Despite the lack of blog updates, I have been building Gunpla:

So far, I have built one other Gunpla outside of the 1/144-scaled Turn X, and will still build others on occasion.  I have also bought a new 1/144-scaled HG model (I’ll leave you to guess what it might be).

Recently, however, I haven’t been felt so motivated to actually take the time to review each of these built models, or even my new RD Wing figure (which got into an accident I likely forgot about, but despite minor damage, is still completely intact). I will eventually get to reviewing them, however, and have managed to snap some photos of the runners before building ’em (and a few others).

I don’t know for sure when I’ll feel the motivation to review them this month or next, though.  I’ve been occupied recently by a game or two and a couple of other things, anyway.  But don’t worry; I haven’t given up my hobby, let alone maintaining this blog and posting reviews.


I’ve just converted the two Gunpla reviews from my DeviantArt account to this blog, so my complete collection of full reviews are now located on a single blog, and in whole pages rather than segmented parts.  Finally!

You can view my reviews in the “Gunpla Reviews” list available up top (or by clicking here).  Or you can click on the individual links to the reviews below:

Gold SUMO review WI[s]P (Sept. 29)

Yes, yes, yes, I’m working on the review.  I got some pictures below the fold to show off regarding that.  I know I’m being a bit slow on it (thus my usage of the “s” Z usually uses in “Work in [Slow] Progress”), but I haven’t given up on modeling and reviewing (if the miracle surprise of that MSiA Leo review is of any indication). I’m sure you guys will like it when I’m done with the photos, text, editing, and endless touch-ups (since I used markers instead of paint).  I’m about half-way done with reviewing Harry Ord‘s awesome SUMO (Gold Type).  After it’s done, I’ll get to reviewing some more TAG episodes, chat a bit about Gunpla, and will finally get to my next Gunpla project of sorts…

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A Preview for the Next Review…

To be honest, I usually don’t post WIP pictures; usually (and this is true with 1/144s) I take the runner pictures, then I build them and detail them before taking any more pictures.  This is just something mainly for brightening up spirits a little bit.  So here’s a little preview of what you’re going to be seeing in the next review… Hopefully sooner than later, of course.  Enjoy!