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1/144 SUMO Review WI[s]P (Nov. 2)

Proof that I’m working on it!

If my last WI[s]P post didn’t clue you in to my true intentions for the 1/144 SUMO review, this should.  I was going to reveal it when it was finished, but as you all know, for a variety of reasons (primarily one obvious one), it isn’t done after quite a long time of cluing some people on this.  MSiA Leo WI[s]P, eat your heart out! :P

I think I need to snap a few extra photos and type a few extra words, but the basics are there.  Hopefully soon, all of it will be there and uploaded.


Gold SUMO review WI[s]P (Sept. 29)

Yes, yes, yes, I’m working on the review.  I got some pictures below the fold to show off regarding that.  I know I’m being a bit slow on it (thus my usage of the “s” Z usually uses in “Work in [Slow] Progress”), but I haven’t given up on modeling and reviewing (if the miracle surprise of that MSiA Leo review is of any indication). I’m sure you guys will like it when I’m done with the photos, text, editing, and endless touch-ups (since I used markers instead of paint).  I’m about half-way done with reviewing Harry Ord‘s awesome SUMO (Gold Type).  After it’s done, I’ll get to reviewing some more TAG episodes, chat a bit about Gunpla, and will finally get to my next Gunpla project of sorts…

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