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Relics of an Old Gunpla Hobby…

One of the upsides of moving around and boxing/unboxing things is rediscovering items from your own past. I’ve recently discovered plenty of items from my previous attempt into Gunpla from eleven years ago:

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I’m sure most of you have read the Gunpla news by now, let alone a couple of other people’s own commentary to each particular one by now, or at least one by a certain person who just came back to Gunpla blogging, to everyone’s delight (especially mine).  Well, I haven’t done that yet (for the most part), since I want to type my own up first.  How’s mine different beyond opinion and taste?  Probably babbling on, and I guess that’s the only difference.  But if you’re interested, let’s take a dive into recent news that interests me.


Once again, all the news and related images I get are from Gundam Guy’s blog.  I’ll link to each individual source after my two cents.  Rather than starting with my personal best for first since it’s not technically Gunpla-related, I’ll start with something pretty close:

When I initially saw the first scan of MG Sandrock both in color and with the latest addition of having heated blades as additional accessories, I couldn’t help but grin quite big.  It’s further convincing me that my future MGs-to-get should start among from this new Endless Waltz: GotD series of MGs.
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