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Relics of an Old Gunpla Hobby…

One of the upsides of moving around and boxing/unboxing things is rediscovering items from your own past. I’ve recently discovered plenty of items from my previous attempt into Gunpla from eleven years ago:

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MSiA (US) Leo review

This should’ve been already out around early-July… But better late than never.

You can read the review by clicking here.

I’ll get to my upcoming Gunpla review (that I hinted at in my last post, and Z came close on guessing right on by correctly identifying the character) fairly soon; I still have a little more building and detailing to do before I even set up for photo-taking again, let alone making the text for it.  But I have a new game (and another hopefully on the way and in good condition) to try… And I figure a couple of non-review posts on recent Gunpla news would be more worthwhile, since there’s been an explosion of good news (in my view) worth covering.

But for now, enjoy the Leo review.

Upcoming Reviews!

…Wait, what?  There’s gonna be new reviews for a blog that became a ghost town about a month after it’s inception?  To be fair, it always was, but wow… It’s a miracle that I’m even posting something here!  Long overdue for a hobby I like, but at least I’m getting it going again.  Hopefully I’ll do much more before the year’s out, but for now, here’s a little teaser for the next review:

Yeah, I know, some of you might not think the MSIA Leo isn’t that great a figure, but please just bear with me for now and wait for the review to come out.  I’ll make sure it’ll come out soon enough from now.

I also have a Gunpla review that (hopefully) will soon follow this figure’s review…

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