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Relics of an Old Gunpla Hobby…

One of the upsides of moving around and boxing/unboxing things is rediscovering items from your own past. I’ve recently discovered plenty of items from my previous attempt into Gunpla from eleven years ago:

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Upcoming Reviews!

…Wait, what?  There’s gonna be new reviews for a blog that became a ghost town about a month after it’s inception?  To be fair, it always was, but wow… It’s a miracle that I’m even posting something here!  Long overdue for a hobby I like, but at least I’m getting it going again.  Hopefully I’ll do much more before the year’s out, but for now, here’s a little teaser for the next review:

Yeah, I know, some of you might not think the MSIA Leo isn’t that great a figure, but please just bear with me for now and wait for the review to come out.  I’ll make sure it’ll come out soon enough from now.

I also have a Gunpla review that (hopefully) will soon follow this figure’s review…

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