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I’ve just converted the two Gunpla reviews from my DeviantArt account to this blog, so my complete collection of full reviews are now located on a single blog, and in whole pages rather than segmented parts.  Finally!

You can view my reviews in the “Gunpla Reviews” list available up top (or by clicking here).  Or you can click on the individual links to the reviews below:


It’s finally up… Now stop pestering me about it and get Tekken 6, Z. :P It’s listed under “Gunpla Reviews” up top, but you can just click here to get to it.  Enjoy the review!

NG 1/144 FLAT Review

It’s a miracle…like Flash Gordon!  Amazing how I pulled off a second full review in a single year, third overall, and my first in blog format!  But don’t get a heart attack over it.  Just click here to read the review and/or look at the pretty pictures.