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It’s finally up… Now stop pestering me about it and get Tekken 6, Z. :P It’s listed under “Gunpla Reviews” up top, but you can just click here to get to it.  Enjoy the review!


Action Base 1 Stand review

No, it’s not the GFF Wing Gundam figure being reviewed here.  If you’re curious about this display stand, then click here to read my two cents on it.

I do plan on reviewing a figure soon, but I thought I’d get this over with.  I originally thought about finishing this before my FLAT review, since I took this out of the the order of my Gunpla backlog in order to use it.

NG 1/144 FLAT Review

It’s a miracle…like Flash Gordon!  Amazing how I pulled off a second full review in a single year, third overall, and my first in blog format!  But don’t get a heart attack over it.  Just click here to read the review and/or look at the pretty pictures.