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Relics of an Old Gunpla Hobby…

One of the upsides of moving around and boxing/unboxing things is rediscovering items from your own past. I’ve recently discovered plenty of items from my previous attempt into Gunpla from eleven years ago:

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I–I… I’ve *got* it!

My time on lamenting about it is finally over!

Although I chose the former person’s option to obtain this Tamashii Web Shop Limited figure, I’d like to thank both OZKai and Z for giving me options on obtaining this figure that I truly wanted.   Thank you both for that.

The couple of you reading this should most definitely expect an eventual review of this figure.  Not now, though; I still have yet to open up the figure out of the box and just started this entry not long after taking photos of the packaging.

But unlike my TWSL RD Turn A Gundam (Moonlight Butterfly ver.), I will with this.  And from the promos alone, I’ll very much likely enjoy it.  If I can enjoy a GFF Wing Gundam (Early Type) figure, I can enjoy a RD version with superior articulation.

Again, thank you OZKai for the suggestion, and thank you Z for the additional option, and especially for getting me going on my Gunpla hobby in recent years.  I’m glad you’re doing better.

Action Base 1 Stand review

No, it’s not the GFF Wing Gundam figure being reviewed here.  If you’re curious about this display stand, then click here to read my two cents on it.

I do plan on reviewing a figure soon, but I thought I’d get this over with.  I originally thought about finishing this before my FLAT review, since I took this out of the the order of my Gunpla backlog in order to use it.

I have *got* to get this…

Wow… Never have I thought the Robot Damashii lineup would even bother with one of Katoki’s “Early Type” Gundams from Wing.  But it’s really happening.  This is the “Robot Damashii [Side MS] Wing Gundam EW”.  Katoki’s Wing Gundam design will finally get a second figure*, and this time it’s really gonna rock…

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