*wave* Hello… Didn’t expect me to post again, since my last one was on December, huh?

Well, quite a few things have gone on since then, and for the occasional wanderer that had previously visited this blog, I felt it appropriate to give a little update on what’s going on with my Gunpla hobby and why the lack of updates…

Well, I quite honestly had gotten increasingly bored with the blog portion of my Gunpla hobby, and was increasingly becoming so with my Gunpla hobby itself.  The fun wasn’t in so much building the models, but seeing the finished result and putting it into action with poses and such.  I haven’t even done that a whole lot, but it’s more fun than the process, even if what I do with them really isn’t considered “safe” by the Gunpla community at large. Maybe I’ve been more of a figure person therefore, but beyond expensive TWSL Robot Damashiis and discontinued Gundam Fix Figurations, where can I find (as an example) decent figures of Katoki’s Wing designs?  Seems like they’ve all ended up as NGs in the past and MGs today, and if I want them, those are my options.  Same with others; while the Mobile Suit in Action lineup did a decent job at having a wide selection of figures, decent ones of everything come up rare, let alone in an actual scale (to which GFFs only claim they are, but aren’t, and at least RD isn’t continuing such charade).

So, my modeling hobby has been more of a means to an end, and even with nub marks and the occasional mistake, I can quite ignore it to just have a little fun and imagine my favorite mobile suits as if they were actually dueling one another at some odd place. *shrug* Such feelings I’ve similarly had with the blog; I’ve liked what I’ve done for reviews (small in number as they are), but I don’t feel they make a big contribution (even with overlooked models like the 1/144 TAG series), and I’ve been encouraged by a friend of mine–Z from the Gunpla Inochi blog–who seems to have gone on with life himself.

With all of those feelings going on, some other problems abound, and with Z moving on and (hopefully) enjoying life, I felt a severe lack of drive in continuing.  Still, in December and January, I’ve built a few models, such as my 1/100 SUMO (Gold Type), 1/144 Turn X, 1/144 Wing Zero (which I’ve recently kinda-sorta fixed from a crappy state regarding it’s joints), and my 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam ver. G30th. I might as well should continue with building what I have, and I have had thoughts on getting other models as well, but I’m not feeling the urge to build them as much, and I honestly feel my time is spent better with the games I have (Gundam Extreme Vs. and Tekken 6 for PS3, for example) and a couple other fandoms of mine.

If I update this blog in the future, it’ll most likely be just to give general two cents on what games I have, post photos of my Gunpla and figures in action (if I feel up to taking any photos in general; such photos seem more fun to do than making a general review, even if my finished reviews are half-way decent), and maybe general two cents on Gunpla, if I’m even close to a reviewing mood.

For now, though, like with Z’s blog, I’ll just let it drift off into a far-off area of the Gunpla blogosphere.  Taking it down seems like a waste of what I put into it, and maybe some people might actually have a look at and enjoy my reviews enough (or someone else’s) to take off and review some Gunpla themselves. *shrug* I hope Z has decided the same thing for his blog; he’s put a lot of work on his own reviews, and they’re still enjoyable to come back to and read.

If you’re reading this Z, I thank you so much for your Gunpla blog, and for inspiring me to even attempt a Gunpla hobby.  I hope life is well for you and everyone else, and that everyone has a calm, safe, yet fun year.